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Just because it’s called a T Shirt Quilt, doesn’t mean you are limited to using t-shirts.

T Shirts * Sweatshirts * Baseball Uniforms * Soccer

Football Jerseys * Baby Clothes

Military Uniforms * Hat Logos * Dress Shirts * Jackets

and more….

We can use almost any fabric item to make your Memory Quilt. As long as it’s washable and we can sew through it, we can put it on your quilt.

Machine Quilting included: Stipple/Meander Pattern

Our Prices are all inclusive. All materials, Machine Quilting, and Shipping are included in the cost of your quilt.

(Please review our Shipping Policy)

We can add your favorite Photos and Embroider a special message to the quilt recipient.



How Do I place an order?


  1. View our (Product List) choose what size Memory Quilt, or Memory Pillow Cover you would like.
  2. To place an order, please visit our (Store)
  3. After check out print our (Order Form). Please mail your completed form with the clothing items for your quilt.
  4. Please Contact Us for an updated estimate on quilt turn around (typically 4-8 weeks)



T Shirt Memory Quilts are a great gift for so many occasions. It’s a great way to celebrate your Wedding Anniversary. All those memories you have collected over the years. Put them all into a beautiful Memory Quilt. We can add your wedding photo and your current Anniversary photo. We can even embroider your wedding date onto the quilt.


Make a birthday extra special with a T Shirt Memory Quilt. You might even want our “Patchwork Memory Quilt. You can incorporate many cherished items. You can add in special memories from over the years such as, a set of cloth baby booties and his or her first hospital shirt/beanie. All of the activities from childhood like Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Little League, Softball, Soccer, swim team, and more.


T Shirt Memory Quilts make one of the best Graduation gifts around. All those High School or College sports and activities create a lot of uniforms and shirts. Display all those special items on your quilt, and don’t forget about Letterman Patches. All of these can be added to your Memory Quilt. We have a Twin XL that is great for Dorm Rooms.


Most of us have tons of old t-shirts piled up. Who doesn’t have shirts and sweatshirts from concerts, sports teams, travel, and other important activities? Why not free up some space in your ever shrinking closet and send them to us. We will make you a great quilt to display all those special shirts.


Memorial Quilts/Sympathy Quilts are a very special way to remember your loved ones that have passed. Have you held onto the clothing of a loved one? Some items are so precious we just can’t part with them. You can cuddle up with a bin of clothing, but a quilt made from these special items will be something to cherish.