Over-sized Patchwork Throw



Over-sized Patchwork Throw

PRICE: $375.00



This is our Over-sized Patchwork Throw Quilt (60”x60”)

Machine Quilting and Return Shipping is included.

There are a total of 81 – 5”x5” squares.  From those squares we use 9 of
our 5” squares to make up our 15”x15” squares.   It’s a great
way to display all those beautiful pieces of fabric.  Larger
segments of clothing can be incorporated into this quilt at no extra

Adult Clothing:  We would need at least 20-35 clothing items to complete this quilt.

Children’s Clothing:  We will need at least 25-30 clothing items, depending
on the size to complete this quilt.  Contact us before ordering to
discuss the amount of clothing you have to send.  We can use all
those special items: bibs, booties, hats, sweaters, sleepers, dresses,
blankets and more.

We use a light weight heat applied fabric stabilizer on the back of the
squares to stop the stretching.  Your quilt will still be soft and

You can add an Embroidered Message, Embroidered Name/Date or photos to your
quilt.  You can purchase these items in our store.

We can make a larger size Patchwork quilt.  Please contact us for details.

Our service includes: Machine quilting using a stipple/meander pattern, all
fabrics, and return shipping. (please review our shipping policy)

You can add your favorite Photos and Embroidered Messages to your quilt. You can purchase these services in our store.

Please allow 4-8 weeks for your custom quilt to be made. This time may
vary during Spring Graduation and the Christmas Holiday Season.