Double Sided Throw

5-Quilting Patterns


Double Sided Throw   (56″x56″)

PRICE: $300.00



 This is our Double Sided Throw.  (56″x56).  We will need 32 shirts to complete this quilt.  (16 shirts on each side)

This quilt is all shirts.  No fabric grid around the shirts, and no
fabric borders on the outside edges.  The shirt squares are sewn
directly together.  There is a fabric binding around the outside
edge.  There is no machine quilting on this one.  It is
stitched together diagonally through the shirts.

The finish size of each square is 14”x14”.  We will do our best to fit
any oversized logo.  We use a heat applied fabric stabilizer on
the back of every square.  This will stop the fabric from
stretching and sagging.  Your quilt will still be soft and
comfortable to use.

Our service includes: Machine quilting X pattern, all
fabrics, and return shipping. (please review our shipping policy)

You can add your favorite Photos and Embroidered Messages to your quilt. You can purchase these services in our store.

Please allow up to 4-8 weeks for your custom quilt to be made. This time may
vary during Spring Graduation and the Christmas Holiday Season.