Order Instructions

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Please print & fill out a separate form for each quilt you are ordering


Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for purchasing your custom made quilt from Memory Quilts 4 u.  We look forward to creating you a very special quilt made from your own memories.

Here are some clothing preparation instructions before shipping your items to us:

1. Do not pre-cut the clothing.  We use special templates to ensure a uniform size for all the shirt squares.  If you have pre-cut or have some small or non-typical size items please contact us for special instructions.

2. Do not use any form of fabric softener (liquid/sheet).  When in doubt please re-wash the clothing.  Our heat applied backing will not stick so well if fabric softener was used.  If your items have been packed away please wash before sending.

3. Please let us know what side of the clothing to use.  You can use a sharpie to write front or back on the sleeve, or attach a safety pin to the correct side.  If there is only one side with a logo no marking is needed.

4. The finished size of the shirt squares are 14”x14”.  We will try to fit as much of an oversized logo as we can.  If you have a particular portion you would like used please attach a note to that item. 

5. Items not large enough for a 14”x14” square will require more fabric and sewing to fit on the square. (tank tops, v neck shirts, baby clothes, sleeveless tops, shirts already cut, button down shirts) Anything that is too small.  You will need to purchase a Adding Non-Standard Size Items product in the store for each item needing adjusting.

6. Please allow 4-8 weeks for completion of your quilt. The approximate 4-8 week time frame starts once we receive your clothing items. Our time frame changes at Spring Graduation and Christmas time.

7. Print and fill out the attached order form.  Send it with the clothing items for your quilt.

We have some additional services that you can add to your quilt.  They are not required, but do offer a special way to personalize your quilt.

Photos: We can add your black and white, or color photos to your quilt.   They are professionally printed on a t shirt square.

Embroidery: We can add a special Date/Name, or a special saying to your quilt.

Machine Quilting: This is now standard with every order, a (stipple/meander) pattern will be used.

Upon completion of your quilt you will receive a preview photo along with a tracking number via email.  Your package will be insured for the total cost of your quilt.

Ship to:

Memory Quilts 4 u
c/o Valerie Viskas
2342 Charles Way
El Cajon, Ca 92020

We look forward to creating you a beautiful custom Memory Quilt that is made from your own memories.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us:

Valerie Viskas