Special Add-ons


Add Patches small logos

This is for items too small for a 14”x14” square.  This is perfect for: Patches, Hat Logos, Sleeve Logos, and Pocket Logos.  Please purchase one service for each item.

$3.00 each


Non T-Shirt Items

When adding items that cannot be cut to fit a 14”x14” square without having extra fabric added to fit the square, or any additional sewing.  (V-Neck Shirts, Button Down Shirts, Sleeveless Tops, Small Clothing, Shirts Already Cut, Baby Clothes, Gloves, Several Shirts Combined into 1 Square) Please purchase one service for each item.

When combining 2-3 shirts into one square, this would be 1 service.


Add A Photo

We can add your favorite photo to your quilt.  Send us a high resolution digital copy via email, or send the original with your clothing items.  Any original photos sent will be returned with your quilt.

Your photo will be professionally transferred to a t- shirt and added to your quilt.

Each photo will take up one available square on your quilt.  Please send one less clothing item for each photo service ordered.



We can add a Name and Date to your quilt.  It’s a special way to Celebrate, or Remember an Event/Person.

Our Embroidered Name/Date service will use one of your shirt squares on your quilt.  Please send one less clothing item for each service ordered.

Name/Date $20.00
Message $40.00